Online Niche Perfume Store BeautiNow Enters UK Market

January 14, 2022

Dutch niche perfume retail giant expands to the United Kingdom offering fragrance enthousiasts greater choice at competitive prices.

Niche brands like such as Bortnikoff, Frederic Malle and Mancera, are especially loved in the UK.”
— Dai

THE NETHERLANDS, January 14, 2022 / -- BeautiNow, a Dutch online perfume store, expands to the market for niche perfume in the United Kingdom. The eCommerce store which is based in the Netherlands, stocks fragrances for more than a 100 brands.

"The geographic proximity to the United Kingdom, and the fast shipping service that we can offer, makes it an easy strategic choice for us," says Davide Dai, founder of BeautiNow. Yet, the simple fact that the UK is a neighbouring country, wasn't the main reason for its expansion. Dai states: "Based on our market research, complemented with search engine data, we discovered that fragrance shoppers are one of the most sophisticated consumers." As BeautiNow mainly serves niche perfume buyers, the UK is exactly the kind of market the firm is the best able to serve. Niche brands like such as Bortnikoff, Frederic Malle and Mancera, are especially loved in the UK, the company states.

When asked about the competitive prices, Dai says: "Our traditional market is China, where we are shipping large volumes. As a result, we are able to source our products at much better prices than the competition. This gives us an advantage not only in the price, but also the service that we can offer, such as free shipping."

BeautiNow invested significantly in it's UK storefront. The site is fully translated and English and prices are displayed in the local currency (£). The company is also planning to launch more online guides for those who are new to niche perfume. One example is a guide that explains the differences between Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum (as well as Eau de Cologne and Parfum Extrait).

When asked about the future plans for the UK niche perfume shop, Dai replies: "We've done our work by launching the store, now we take a step back and watch. We will listen to our users, and based on the feedback we receive, we will continue to improve our online store, the catalog and, of course, our service."

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